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Smog and Sunset

An interdisciplinary installation about speculative weather phenomena. Shown at the containerprogram of Over ‘t IJ festival 2022, in Amsterdam. With the support of Janivo and Via Rudolphi. 

“Weather simulations are projected onto a transparant canvas: condensing clouds, which turn into dripping suns of fire and chunky ice floes. An apocalyptic sound score. Meanwhile, in the background, the festival just continues. Smog and sunset is both disturbing and soothing, a rather confusing experience that feels painfully familiar at the same time”   - de theaterkrant

Performed in the summer of 2022, curated by Via Rudolphi

Concept: Charlotte Gillain

Coaching: Maurice Bogaert

Digital design: Zak Lennard

Sound design: Robbi Meertens

Special thanks to: Kim Zeevalk, Martijn Huisman, janivo

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